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David Elliott

Longevity Performance Center, combined with Longevity Bio-Imaging, has changed my whole outlook on living healthy. Using the results of the Full-body MRI and DNA results, I now have a plan to remain FIT AND HEALTHY FOR LIFE. Workouts are a pleasure, and I am seeing nothing short of incredible results, with a loss of body fat and gain of muscle mass that is measurable. I have learned that you can be healthy and fit and really enjoy it. Muscle really equals longevity and I am living proof. LPC is now an integral part of my daily fitness regimen. The staff is attentive and available. This is no ordinary fitness center and the results show. In the 6 months I have been going there, I work out 30 minutes per day 3 days a week and do cardio the other days. I am down over 55 lbs and have never felt better. Where everything else has been over quickly, my relationship with Longevity is a long term one. Well worth the investment, because you’re investing in yourself.

David Elliott

Host, The Dave Elliott Show WGUF-FM, Naples’ FM Talk

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