What Our Customers Have To Say

  • William Eickhoff
    Sharon met us at the door! The customer service never stopped. First class all the way. My wife and I knew the medical experience would be cutting edge, but the way we were treated was unlike anything we’ve experienced in a medical setting. Highly recommend.
    William Eickhoff
  • Biolayne
    Not cheap, but amazing service and gives you SO MUCH DATA! If only people had this information it could save so many lives. Not only was the process easy, but Dr. DuCharme was extremely thorough with explaining the results and what they mean. Cannot recommend this highly enough
  • Ellen Kushner
    My husband and I went in February. We were going to get a baseline of our health. Sharon and all the staff were amazing. Treated like royalty! Everyone is so professional and went out of their way to make sure the day went smoothly. When we got the results in less than 24 hours we were amazed. My husband’s scan showed something that needed further diagnosis. It’s ONLY because of this scan that my husband’s early detection of cancer was found. No symptoms, nothing in the bloodwork, ONLY because of the scan were we able to take the information to the appropriate Doctor. The Dr. himself was amazed that we had the scans. Told us that had we not done this when we did, we would be looking at an entirely different scenario in 3-6 months. It literally saved my husbands life! Being proactive is so important in your healthcare. It’s an investment in your health that should not be overlooked! No amount of money could have helped him had we not had the scans when we did. Sharon and her staff we so supportive and helpful. There are not enough stars ⭐️ to check off on this rating for me and my family! We get to have my husband/ father around In good health thanks to Longevity Bioimaging. Forever indebted to you all
    Ellen Kushner
  • Jeff Moats
    Growing up on military bases around the world I know I was exposed to a lot of different things. Riding my bicycle through the DDT fogger truck, climbing on pipes I’m sure we’re wrapped in asbestos and exposed to various chemicals not regulated or thought were not dangerous at the time. I was pretty certain that I would light up like a Christmas tree going through the Longevity Bioimaging program here in Naples Fl. Wanting to know but at the same time nervous to know what was really going on inside my body. *The staff at Longevity Bioimaging were so professional and understanding of my concerns, taking the time to listen to me and address every question and fear. From the initial consent call to meeting afterward with the physician and discussing my results each person made you feel relaxed and comfortable, explaining in as much detail as I wanted. Thankfully my results were all good and a great weight lifted off me. Armed with my blood work, MRI, cardiac CT score and my genomes sequenced I now have a baseline and knowledge of what I need to be doing to live a long healthy life. No more guessing the real status of my health. Please everyone who reads this, take the time to investigate this new and soon to be future in healthcare for yourself, your family, and loved ones. Go through the program! Don’t rely on tools used by your primary physician that were invented in the 1800’s and still used today ie: stethoscope and reflex hammer. Arm yourself with knowledge gained by new technologies. You owe it to yourself! Call them, review their website, stop by and take a tour.
    Jeff Moats

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