Sharon Bruno

Sharon Bruno BSN, RN

Vice President

Sharon Bruno brings more than 20 years of experience as a registered nurse and is currently the Vice President at Longevity Solutions Inc., the medical technology company offering a new paradigm in proactive health care. An equal passion for entrepreneurship enhances Bruno’s medical expertise: the two talents combined make her the driving force and the face of Longevity Solutions. Bruno’s medical career began in her native Philippines at the Lung Center of the Philippines. In 1999, she emigrated to the United States, where she completed training and nursing licensure in San Jose, Calif. In the early 2000s, Bruno vacationed on Marco Island, Fla., falling in love with its natural beauty. As a then-seasonal visitor, she began putting down roots in Southwest Florida by investing in and managing real estate on Marco Island. Always a dynamo brimming with energy, she simultaneously joined the nursing team at Cleveland Clinic in Naples. A bi-coastal lifestyle soon followed with dual careers in Florida and California. In both states, she continued her real estate ventures as well as invested in and opened several start-up businesses, including restaurants. As an entrepreneur, she mastered an array of business skills — from accounting to management to marketing — which proved indispensable to her future launch of Longevity Solutions.

When Cleveland Clinic was acquired by HMA in 2006, Bruno helped with the launch of its Heart Center, working with the finest cardiologists and nurses. Her career at Physicians Regional spanned 12 years, a tenure marked by a series of promotions eventually leading to the position of Clinical Coordinator and Nursing Supervisor.

In 2015, a Physicians Regional colleague was appointed as CEO of a new Naples start-up, Landmark Hospital, the long-term acute-care facility founded by William Kapp, M.D. The challenge to Bruno’s entrepreneurial spirit was irresistible, and she joined Landmark’s then-skeletal staff as Chief Nursing Officer, charged with staffing and management, as well as shepherding the hospital through myriad state inspections.

Bruno’s training was well-adapted to Landmark: she attended to patients requiring long-term treatment. But she began thinking, “there has to be a better way.”

Coincidentally, Dr. Kapp attended an exponential medical conference in San Diego that focused on new technology enabling proactive health care, especially whole-genome sequencing, advanced MRIs, and regenerative therapies. Inspired by what he gleaned from peers at the pioneering Human Longevity, Inc., he initiated plans for creating what
would soon become Longevity Solutions, Inc.

Bruno’s skillset made her an ideal partner for this new company; she was among Dr. Kapp’s first hires. It was the paradigm shift Bruno had been yearning for: healthcare vs. sick care, proactive vs. reactive medicine.

Their first venture was 2019’s opening of Longevity Performance Center, a medically directed fitness and wellness facility utilizing AI-driven “smart” machines for building strength, while offering customized nutritional counseling and regenerative therapies. The Center’s primary mission is helping its members build muscle mass, which provides a myriad of health benefits for extending longevity.

Kapp and Bruno launched the pilot program for Longevity Solutions’ “physical of the future,” a deep-dive assessment utilizing whole-genome sequencing, advanced brain and body imaging, plus other scans and tests providing clients with the exact status of their health with a blueprint for healthy living. The results were astonishing: among the clients participating, 14% of apparently healthy clients tested positive for critical disease at stage zero or stage one. They were successfully treated, saving thousands of dollars in medical costs while adding years of health to their lives. Others presenting with hypertension, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other lifestyle ailments were referred to Longevity Performance Center and achieved dramatic improvements through personalized lifestyle adjustments.

Under Bruno’s leadership, clientele across the globe have undergone Longevity’s proprietary assessment. Membership continues growing at its Performance Center.

Today, Bruno manages all operations for Longevity Solutions and is a sought-after panelist and speaker at community events throughout Southwest Florida. She says, “I have found my calling and am committed to making Longevity a household word. Our work is nothing short of life-saving, setting the standard for proactive well-care worldwide.”