April 18, 2018


Pilot Program Launched for 100 Firefighters to Experience HLI’s Health Nucleus X Program, which Incorporates Whole Genome Sequencing with Advanced MRI Imaging and Core Cardiac Tests

(SAN DIEGO, CA)—April 11th, 2018—Human Longevity, Inc. (HLI), the genomics-powered, health intelligence company, today announced a partnership with San Diego-based FirefighterAid, a nonprofit organization dedicated to caring for Firefighters and their families, to screen 100 San Diego City Fire-Rescue Firefighters to demonstrate the benefit of early, advanced screening in high-risk populations like Firefighters. The Firefighters will be screened through HLI’s Health Nucleus X (HNX) research protocol which combines whole genome sequencing with advanced MRI imaging, paired with core cardiac testing including CT Scan and heart rhythm monitoring.

Firefighters are exposed to a variety of occupational hazards as part of their daily duty, but exactly how these environmental factors affect their ongoing health is of great concern and ongoing study. In 2015 the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and other academic and US agency researchers released results of a multi-year study of cancer rates in nearly 30,000 Firefighters in three major United States cities showing increased rates of certain cancers for Firefighters. These types of cancers include: digestive, oral, respiratory and urinary.

HLI is working to drive discoveries to revolutionize health. To further this goal, HLI is enrolling participants in the Health Nucleus protocol to deliver a more complete picture of individual health for early screening and detection of disease. HNX combines whole genome sequencing with non-contrast full body MRI. Core cardiac tests including CT Scan, cardiac rhythm monitoring and lab analysis will be incorporated in this study to generate more comprehensive views of personal health and health risks.

Up to 100 San Diego Firefighters and 10 alternates will be selected to participate in HNX screening and assessment through a lottery process managed by FirefighterAid and organized by age. First preference will be given to Firefighters 50 years old and older. If the 50 and older age range is exhausted, Firefighters between the ages of 45-49 age bracket will be entered into the lotto process. The rationale for giving preference in terms of lottery participation to the oldest individuals is that they have the greatest risk of cancer and/or cardiovascular disease. Additionally, individuals with documented, significant, carcinogenic exposure(s) will be given preference.

“Firefighters are exposed to life-threatening toxins on the job, but with proactive screening, we can change the impact this exposure may have on their health – and by extension, their families and their finances,” said Dr. J. Craig Venter, HLI’s CEO. “As a proud San Diegan, I am honored to explore how our approach at Health Nucleus can play a role in better understanding health risks for these heroes of our community.”

“The health and well-being of our Firefighters is our top priority,” said Chief Brian Fennessy, San Diego Fire-Rescue Department.  “Partnerships like this one between HLI and FirefighterAid offer an unprecedented opportunity for insight into our Firefighters’ health status.”

How to Enroll

If you have been a San Diego Fire-Rescue Department Firefighter for five or more years and fall in either the 45-49 year-old age range or are greater than 50 years old and have no history of invasive cancer or serious cardiovascular disease and are interested in participating in the FirefighterAid/HLI Lottery please contact [email protected], give your years in the Fire Service, age and request to be entered into the lottery.


FirefighterAid’s mission is to provide charitable assistance to Firefighters and their families in times of need and to promote awareness of Firefighter health and safety issues and the impacts they have upon their families and communities. FirefighterAid’s Cancer Awareness and Prevention Program (CAPP) is supported by the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department and endorsed by Firefighter Cancer Support Network. FirefighterAid’s CAPP Program was founded in 2016 with the sole purpose of promoting cultural change in Firefighters and their workplace to reduce the instances of occupationally acquired cancer through their promotion of the best practices of “The Three C’s – Clean Air, Clean Body, and Clean Gear”. Learn more at

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