Behind The Science

Your genes unlock the door—
Your character traits fill in the gaps

Longevity BioImaging offers a holistic, 360-degree approach to data-driven healthcare. The key to understanding your body’s makeup and potential risks lies in your genomic makeup. It offers a unique map that charts your health and the potential diseases you have a propensity for. But we don’t stop there. We are focused on compiling and analyzing both genotypic and phenotypic data, combined with machine learning, to generate unprecedented insights into your overall health.

A breakthrough in personalized health

“Longevity BioImaging gives you the opportunity combine both genotypic and phenotypic information to optimize your own health today, and for the future. Our database in unparalleled and the insights we give individuals is unprecedented. This is the future of healthcare.”
— Dr. William Kapp


The genotype provides the code to our life. It contains our genetic make-up. At Longevity Bio-Imaging, we deliver whole-genome sequencing and analysis to better understand your health down to the very core. This helps us identify the underlying causes behind potential life-threatening conditions like cancer, heart disease, metabolic abnormalities, neurological disorders, and more.


The phenotype represents all the observable characteristics of a person, both inside and outside. It is unique to you. In fact, it is every physical trait that makes you, you. This is a critical component to understanding the whole story of your overall health and potential risks. Our comprehensive approach to data collection, analysis, and integration gives you the key to proactive, actionable long-term health.


The big picture

You are unique. It takes the complete integration of modern technology, your individual character traits, and scientific knowledge to utilize every inch of your genomic information with a high degree of accuracy. That’s why medical groups are partnering with Longevity BioImaging for our proven results with whole-genome sequencing and advanced body imaging.

Deeper knowledge

You are dynamic. You are an infinite source of information—right down to the molecular level. Longevity BioImaging collects, integrates, and analyzes that information. With thousands of genomes and related phenotypic data in the Longevity BioImaging database, we are able to get a deeper, clearer picture of your general health and the factors that contribute to a long, healthy life.

Predictive insights

You are a source. Your body holds the key to your health and longevity. And we give you the tools and resources to unlock that door. Your meaningful data and our machine learning enable us to corral critical data at an unprecedented rate. The discoveries we make empower early detection, effective treatments, and positive results at a lower cost.

The fast-track to optimal health

Longevity BioImaging is keeping pace with innovation. We are using advances in science and technology to help accelerate and determine positive impacts on your individualized healthcare. By continually analyzing and aggregating human health data, we are transforming treatment from a reactive practice, to one that is proactive, preventative, and personalized.

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