The key to lifelong health

What if you could determine your own health? Or enjoy a longer, more active life? Or shape your own healthcare specifically for you? What if you could tap into a knowledge source that enabled you to predict and prevent illnesses—and enjoy your best life?


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Introducing Longevity BioImaging—
The future of proactive, preventative healthcare

These are exciting times in the world of science. Especially as it relates to your individual health. At Longevity BioImaging we are ushering in a medical revolution—a radical new approach that is data driven and gives you access to critical information to help you understand your health at a deeper level.

Take Control of your health

Our in-depth evaluation provides an unprecedented, data-driven quantitative health assessment designed to screen for risk factors and early signals of the most critical diseases to know more about your health than ever before.

Cancer Detection
Cancer Detection

Full-body non-contrast MRI used to detect signals of solid tumor cancers for further evaluation (excludes cancers such as skin, breast and cancers of GI tract, including colon).

Metabolic Disease
Metabolic Disease

MRI can measure percentage of liver fat, as well as visceral abdominal fat, giving you and your physician insights into your health status related to diabetes and other metabolic disorders.

Neurodegenerative/ Neurovascular Disease
Neurodegenerative/ Neurovascular Disease

Specialized brain MRI scan which can give data relating to brain injuries, signs of dementia and other brain

Cardiac Disease
Cardiac Disease

Non contrast, CT for calcium scoring, only an 8 minute free breathing protocol.

This is a real breakthrough.
We are revolutionizing data-driven medicine to transform and extend the boundaries of human health like never before.”
— Dr. William Kapp

What is Human Longevity and the Health Nucleus?

In partnership with Health Nucleus, Human Longevity. Inc. (HLI) is the genomics-based, health intelligence company revolutionizing healthcare. We’ve built one of the largest databases of genomic and phenotypic information to empower people to take a more proactive, personalized, predictive and preventative approach to their health.

HLI’s Health Nucleus, the clinical research center of HLI, is a sleek and modern facility, unlike any traditional medical setting. We offer individuals personalized health assessments including whole genome sequencing, non-contrast whole body and brain MRI, and microbiome analysis to better understand and optimize health. We are identifying and generating actionable insights at the earliest stages when a disease is most treatable. This unique combination of clinical service offerings and integrated analysis and reporting is unavailable elsewhere in the world today.

Your Health. In Your Hands.

We believe the purpose of science and data is to empower people to live healthier lives. To provide critical life-changing information that is accessible and actionable. To help prevent diseases that may be lurking, and to avoid potential risks. We provide information to individuals to dynamically assess and analyze their own health from a comprehensive perspective that ensures early detection, disease prevention, and proactive lifestyle planning. We want to arm you with the information you need to take control of your own health.

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